Hydraulic pump revision is the process of maintenance, repair and renewal of hydraulic pumps used in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic pumps provide pressure and flow in hydraulic systems by converting hydraulic fluid into mechanical energy.

Hydraulic pump overhaul may consist of the following steps:

  • Evaluation: First, problems and wear in the hydraulic pump are determined. The pump’s performance, pressure levels, leaks and other parameters are evaluated. Worn or damaged parts in the hydraulic pump are identified.
  • Part Replacement: Worn or damaged parts may need to be replaced. This may include parts such as pump gears, bearings, seals, piston rings, shafts and pins. Part replacement is usually done with original spare parts provided by the pump’s manufacturer or authorized dealers.
  • Cleansing and Renewal: Parts of the hydraulic pump are cleaned and renewed when necessary. The cleaning process involves removing parts from oil, dirt and other debris. Refinishing may include straightening parts, refinishing surfaces, and replacing seals.
  • Assembly and Adjustment: The revised or replaced parts are placed and assembled correctly inside the pump. Adjusting and aligning the pump is important to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Testing and Trial: Once the overhaul is complete, the hydraulic pump is tested to verify that it is operating correctly and providing the required pressure and flow. The performance of the pump is evaluated by methods such as pressure tests, flow tests and leakage tests.

Hydraulic pump overhaul is usually performed by the pump’s manufacturer or authorized service providers. These service providers have the technical knowledge of the pump, special equipment and original spare parts. For pump overhaul, it is important to contact the company that manufactured the hydraulic pump or an authorized service provider.