Servicing of underground and surface drilling rigs is generally accomplished in two ways: services offered by the manufacturer or authorized service providers, and services offered by independent service providers.

  • Manufacturer or Authorized Service Providers: Companies that produce the machine usually provide service to their customers. These services can be in various areas such as installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of machines. The manufacturer or authorized service providers usually have the most comprehensive technical knowledge and spare parts because they design and manufacture the machines. Therefore, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service providers may be the best option for maintaining and repairing machines.
  • Independent Service Providers: Apart from machinery manufacturers, independent service providers can also offer services for underground and surface drilling machinery. These service providers usually have a large stock of spare parts and expert technicians. Independent service providers can perform routine maintenance, repairs, overhauls or emergency interventions of machines. However, it is important that these service providers have expertise and experience in the make or model of the machines.

Servicing underground and surface drilling rigs can typically include the following services:

  • Assembly and commissioning of the machine
  • Periodic maintenance and routine services
  • Repair and troubleshooting
  • Revisions and modifications
  • Training and technical support

Service providers often provide field service to the customer, meaning they perform service where the equipment is used. Additionally, some large service providers use mobile shuttles or workshops to meet customers’ needs.

In cases where the machine requires service, I recommend that you contact the manufacturer or its authorized service providers or reliable independent service providers. In this way, you can ensure that your machines work properly and have a long life by leaving them in reliable and expert hands.